How to Become a Hollywood Writer

Do you want to become a big Hollywood star? If so, you may have dreams other than working in front of the camera. Although acting tends to receive the most attention, there is another important job in Hollywood. That job is screenwriting. If you want to become a paid Hollywood writer, please continue reading on for helpful tips.

Take a writing class. Generally, in Hollywood, your story is more important than your grammar, but it can have an impact on your work. No one wants to read a script that is full of errors. In fact, too many errors and your script may find a new home in the trashcan. So, know your grammar.

If you are a high school student, opt for electives that are related to media. Is there an advanced English class available? If so, it can help you perfect your writing. What about a video editing class? Even if you aren’t looking to become an actor or actress, anything media related can help to further your career down the road. After all, these classes look good on a resume.

As previously stated, take a writing class. Writing classes come in a number of different formats. You can find one evening class or a course that lasts a week or longer. They are affordable and offered by many state and community colleges, as well as vocational training centers. A degree can help but isn’t always required to make it in the business. Many times, good writing talent can make up for a lack of education.

Next, watch as many television shows and movies as possible. This isn’t something that is usually recommended, but it can help to further your career as a Hollywood writer. Watch popular movies and television shows and then compare them with ‘flops.’ This gives you the opportunity to see what dialogue works in the business and what falls short.

Another easy way for you to achieve your dream of becoming a Hollywood writer is to write, write, and then write some more! If you are just getting started, write, and see what comes out. If writing is more than a career choice, but also a hobby, this is something that you should enjoy. After all, practice makes perfect. However, if you are looking to write a script for submission, there are some steps you will want to take.

First, brainstorm. Create a generalized idea of your show or movie. What do you want to happen? Who are the main characters? Brainstorming and creating a short outline can help to keep you focused and on task. Then, start creating the dialogue. You may find writing a quality script easier when you have to fill in dialogue holes, as opposed to starting from scratch.

When your work is ready for submission, you have a number of different options. First and foremost, proofread and proofread more. Consider hiring the services of a professional editor. You can find submission information online or in printed directories. You may, however, want to hire the services of a literary agent. A literary agent, especially one who focuses on television shows and movies, can help you find the perfect match for your work. This increases your chances of making a sale.

If you submit a number of screenplays to Hollywood but don’t see positive results, try another approach. Apply for writing assistant positions. This is a much easier way for you to get your foot in the door. There is usually more than one writer on the staff of a movie or television show. There are head writers, scene writers, and writers who double as script editors.

The above-mentioned tips can help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful Hollywood writer. Remember that writers come in a number of different formats. Even if you can’t sell a script or screenplay, working as a writing assistant may be enough to fulfill your dream, so always keep your options open.

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