How to Determine Their Best Features for Face Shaping

As a professional, I often receive questions from DIY beauty tips seekers who want to know how to determine their best features for face shaping. It’s probably best to start at the beginning by listing the basic characteristics, to begin with, and then going through the advanced considerations in detail.

Face shape can be improved with an intense knowledge of one’s skin type. It should not be surprising that a new hairstyle may make a difference in a person’s skin and hair texture, but it’s wise to pay close attention to both aspects of the face. The following tips are aimed at improving one’s appearance by taking into account the best areas.

The first step in changing facial features is by enhancing your eyes. Doing this requires a lot of precision as the puffy, watery eyes are very easy to cover up with a big hat or scarf. Investing in a decent pair of spectacles will keep these flaws in view, but they should not be overwhelming. The ideal spectacles should be either slightly round or slightly upturned, with slightly square eyes.

Men who have a large, high forehead are notorious for their lack of self-confidence. Hairy men usually have high cheekbones and full, slightly raised eyebrows, whereas women with this feature are usually small-boned. A sleeker hairstyle with a great amount of volume and at least some contouring and shape can be used to improve a man’s appearance.

When one has an uneven forehead lines, a hairstyle with dramatic bangs is the best option. Haircuts that are extremely tight, which create a square-like effect, are also great for smoothing out the lines. They are also useful in making the forehead look wider.

Women with thick eyebrows are sometimes very uncomfortable about the height of their forehead. If one doesn’t care for long thick eyebrows, then adding in an eyeliner pen on top of the brows can make a dramatic difference. The same technique is good for thin eyebrows. Many women find that lengthening their eyebrow arch with curling irons adds in height and width.

Having a large nose is a look that many women dread getting rid of. They prefer to have a full nose but may have spent hundreds of dollars on their first attempt. The best method to improving the look of one’s nose is to create one’s own custom nose shape by using a small tape measure and then applying the shape with an eye pencil or an eyebrow pencil. Applying regular makeup to a full nose in order to add color can be just as unattractive.

A round face is generally considered to be more feminine and beautiful than an oval one. A round face is best supported by a straight haircut, with a few side bangs thrown in for good measure. The most natural way to elongate a round face is by lifting the jawline and adding extra length to the cheekbones. The best way to achieve this is by leaning one’s head slightly to the right to add width while tilting one’s head to the left to add length.

The t-zone in between the eyes is where many women may tend to go overboard. The best way to improve this area is to add definition by adding in a little “bite” to the corners of the eyes with a shadow pencil. In addition, one should be aware that one should not do this until one has obtained a full set of eyes.

The body is one of the basic body parts that one usually spends a lot of time grooming and shaping. The best way to improve this area is to remove fat from the thighs, butt, and arms. The only part of the body that should be shaped without fat is the stomach.

These are just a few of the basic face shapes that can be addressed by improving one’s overall appearance. The best way to determine what a person looks like through this method is to browse through their photos. By checking and re-checking photos on a regular basis, it should become easier to identify the improvements that are necessary in order to better an area.

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