Mountain Bike Tricks: A Guide to Starting This Hobby

There is no shortage of mountain bike tricks that can be performed with each having its own level of difficulty and among the more well-known ones is dirt jumping, cross-country, and a lot more. For example, when a mountain biker tries out cyclocross, which is something between mountain riding and road biking, riders race on as well as of the course, go over obstacles and even need to traverse rivers. The most popular mountain bike trick would be downhill biking which is very fast and is something that most downhill mountain bikers love to do, and this is all about extremes as well as intense riding that is loaded with thrills and spills.

And, when bikers take to dirt jumping they will be performing mountain bike tricks that involve jumping high above dirt hills that have been specially created for them, and whilst the biker is airborne there is scope for performing amazing tricks with his or her bike. Essentially, mountain bike tricks involve performing loops and jumps as also twirls in the air and when these are done to perfection, there is a great deal of artistic content that makes each mountain bike trick very beautiful to view. Learning mountain bike tricks is not all that easy and it can take bikers years to perfect them, especially if they wish to perform at competition levels. The backbone of mountain bike tracks is sure to be bike jumps even though they may not be exactly the ones that mountain biking is most well known for.

It is usual for the majority of mountain bike tricks to be performed whilst the rider is in mid-air, and so knowing the right moment to make the jump is crucial to performing the trick properly. And, the number of different jumps can boggle the mind with the one most often used is the double which in the main means doing the jump in two segments with the first obviously being the take-off and the second is the landing. In between, the biker can perform whatever new trick he or she has learned up and this trick is known as the gap jump.

Yet another type of mountain bike trick is the one known as tabletop which is a jump recognized as being a trick that consists of the take-off, table, and then the landing and this is the jump from which the roller jump derives its inspiration. When a mountain biker performs such tricks it will be sure to leave the spectators gasping, and when a biker is particularly adept at his or her trick, it will all seem too easy to perform. However, one should not attempt to do any of these tricks without proper guidance and with someone around to show you the ropes. Some of the amazing mountain bike tricks involve turning the bike at right angles to one side and the whip is another famous trick that involves making the back of the bike flips to the side. All that is required is proper equipment which will ensure that the biker can perform even the most dangerous tricks with ease and this equipment is more than the bike and includes protective gear also. So, before taking to doing mountain bike tricks, makes sure that you have the necessary equipment to protect you in case of a mishap.

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