Night Vision Binoculars: Your Buying Guide

Viewing distant objects is hard enough. How much more if we have to look at them in the dark? If we’re owls, we wouldn’t have any problems. We can see far-away things 3x better than all human beings can. Or if we’re tigers, seeing at night is a piece of cake. We can see objects six times more clearly than humans can. But since we’re born humans, it doesn’t mean that we have to contend with what our eyes can offer us to see.

The night vision binoculars and other night vision equipment were originally conceived for the military to be able to find their enemy targets in the dark. Now, just because you’re not G.I. Joe or G.I. Jane doesn’t mean you have to grope your way through the dark. The average person can now employ what used to be a hush-hush military technology.

Night vision binoculars simply intensifies the exiting light and creates a green-hued image, enabling us to see while in the dim. These devices are perfect gadgets for late-night boat expeditions and observing wildlife at night. There are three categories of night vision binoculars, these are the first generation binoculars, second-generation binoculars, and the third generation binoculars.

The first one is the inexpensive kind provides just so-so image quality. The second costs halfway between the first and the third categories and the image quality provided is halfway between the two as well. The third category is considered the high-end generation and is capable of providing the highest quality of images.

There are binoculars that have the ability to let you see clear and bright images at night but don’t provide the real night vision. Item listings for such products will not display the generation. But these bogus night vision binoculars are still ideal for people who merely want to see better in the dark.

Night vision binoculars have several kinds. Some of them cost more than others do. If you intend on getting a pair that will give you complete night vision features, be prepared to spend for it. If you simply want a pair that will help make seeing in the dark a lot less difficult, you don’t have to spend as much.

The existence of innovations such as the night vision binoculars allow us to pursue our hobbies well beyond the ideal time. We can still be wildlife buffs and birding enthusiasts long after everyone has gone to bed.

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