Preserving Fresh Flowers

Whoever would want to immediately throw away such a precious gift that has been given by somebody significant? If you refer to a present that will be given on that first date, bouquets will never be in the realm of the past. Even in the advent of the new millennium where a lot have said that the traditional is already out, ladies will always fall for the conventional manner of courtship because they feel doubly special. When a bundle of roses will be given to them minus the box of chocolates, they will do whatever means to keep it. For it not to wither right away, certain methods should be done in preserving fresh flowers. Question, do you know how?

Preserving fresh flowers can be done by simply hanging the stems upside down. It should be in a dark room but well- ventilated. Those that are great for air-drying are the likes of globe amaranth, statice, and baby’s breath, among the others. There are also some that still require an agent for the moisture to be removed as well as maintain the color. However, the chemicals are not a problem since there are a lot available on the market. They all support those blossoms that seep in the dampness from the tissue. There is a popular and inexpensive mixture that comprises equal parts of white cornmeal and sodium borate. Altogether, it can be put inside a shoebox or plastic storage.

During the atmospheric exposure of preserving fresh flowers, the container should not be covered because it is necessary for the procedure to be successful. It will take approximately two to three weeks for it to be complete. A fine and clean and can also be replaced as a substitute in the absence of white cornmeal. However, it is relatively takes on a bigger weight and tends to flatten the blossoms unless it is utilized with utmost care. Such products that were mentioned can be acquired in hobby shops and craft stores located around town. It consists of silica gel which is lightweight. It may be expensive but it can be definitely applied. When utilizing such, all that is needed to be done is to be locked in an air-tight jar. If it is not seated firmly, the said ingredient will absorb all the moisture causing the blossom to quickly dry or worst, not at all.

It takes about three to eight days for the process of preserving fresh flowers to complete. The length of time to complete will depend on the thickness of the blossom.

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