Products You Can Use On A Daily Basis

The most recent “to do” list for a DIY beauty product blogger is being assembled, and I just made an addition to my list. I’ve been fascinated by the beauty industry ever since I discovered that every single product out there has a beautiful face behind it.

Most of us would love to be treated like celebrities, but can’t afford the extra help, help we all need when our routine starts to wear thin. If you know anything about skincare, you know that there are so many products out there in the marketplace. Every woman wants to find something that will help her feel good about herself.

It was very easy for me to come up with an easy simple beauty product review that was pleasing to read. My ultimate goal was to provide you with both a valuable resource for your work as a DIY beauty product blogger and to earn money with something that people want to buy. Most of the products I choose were items I had personally tested and loved, and I found them for free.

I’ve had some amazing experiences buying makeup products from stores. It’s the cost factor that makes me choose to do my shopping at the store when I’m at a brick and mortar business.

Some of the products I recommend for work and everyday use include: non-drying powder foundation, liquid foundation, concealer, lip color, eye shadow, eyeliner, blusher, contour colors, concealer, bronzers, powder foundation, pressed powder and foundation. I also think if you can do one of the products above, you should be able to do the other two.

The Mac Beauty Selection of products really amazed me. I considered them to be a no-brainer, but they’re pretty unique and not overpriced. Makeup experts have been telling me for years, “If you need tips for how to use MAC cosmetics, you’re in the right place.”

The best non-wax products for dry skin include Perfected Peel Lightest Powder Foundation in Light Tint, Rich Moist Foundation in Light Tint, Pearl Glow Lip Color in Diamond Pink, and Effleurage Finishing Powder. These brands are completely different than your run of the mill foundation. They have low build-up, look very natural, and offer a number of special effects.

Too much coverage doesn’t look natural, especially on people with big dark circles under their eyes. A product I’ve found that provides plenty of coverage and a natural look is MAC Cosmetics products Under the Eyes (matte shade). It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Sun-damaged skin can look like an old sunburn after several hours of sun exposure. A good sunscreen can help restore the natural moisture balance of your skin. I use a very natural looking sunscreen called Starfish Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30. This protects from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Try this one at home for an instant celebrity or supermodel look. Shimmering Skin Perfection Mascara is a great time-saver. While it’s amazing to watch the natural lashes grow, I recommend they aren’t removed as they come out of the bottle because you might leave permanent gray streaks!

These are just a few of the products that I use on a daily basis, and our recommendations for your everyday cosmetics. You can become the next best makeup artist or makeover professional, if you can learn to apply, blend, and use these products in the right way.

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